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Testing on the fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science and Internet Technologies

In December 5, 2012 in Vladimir State University there was held the testing of students on the fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science and Internet Technologies.

The event was carried out within the frames of the joint contract of Informatics and Information Protection Department and 2 universities of Germany – Hanover University (Leibniz Universität Hannover) and Lubeck University (Institut für Theoretische Informatik).

It tested the fundamental concepts of such courses as «Theoretical computer science» (the alphabet, the word, the language to the given alphabet and the basic operations with languages and words) and "Computer networks" (protocol stacks, model of interaction of open systems).

The testing was aimed at students, undergraduates, post-graduate students and young scientists of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Bio- and Nanotechnologies and the Institute of Innovative Technologies of Vladimir State University, planning to continue studying at the universities of Europe or join European distance education programs, willing to check their English level in technical sphere, preparing to apply for European funds on training or projects.

The testing was in English. 27 students participated in it.

In December, 27 Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Public Relation of the University N. Yudina presented the students who had passed the test with the certificates.

It should be mentioned, that the majority of students gained 17 points out of 20 possible.