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Meeting of Vladimir State University government with representatives of the company “Paul Hartmann АG” (Germany)

On May 19, 2010 the meeting of Vladimir State University government with representatives of the company “Paul Hartmann АG” took place. The delegation was made up of: Wolfgang Rörl –  main vice-president of the company “Paul Hartmann АG”, Olaf Herrmann – director for production of cellulose articles of the company “Paul Hartmann АG”, Kalabin Jury – general director of PLC (Open Company) “Paul Hartmann”, Melkov Andrey –developer of the company, Drobysheva Elmira – HR-manager.  

Vice-Rector for Innovations and Strategic Development of the Vladimir State University Sergey Arakelyan familiarised the guests with innovation potential of our university, its educational programmes and research.

The problems of training specialists for the plant manufacturing medical products were discussed at the meeting. The company “Paul Hartmann” is planning to build such a plant in the town of Gus-Khrustalniy in 2012. That is why there is the pressing necessity in specialists who will be able to maintain production equipment professionally, deal with specific technical processes, raw materials flow and work in the area of logistics. The representatives of the company regard the Vladimir State University as an ideal partner for training such specialists. The company is ready to cover all training costs and will provide specialists work at the plant after their graduation from the University.

It should be noted that company “Paul Hartmann АG” is one of the leading medical companies in Europe with a history of 190 years. The main range of goods of medical purpose produced by the company are means of conveyance, looking after patients, protection of the patients and staff against the risk of microbe contamination and secondary infection in the operating-room. The mission of the company “Paul Hartmann” in Russia is to help people and enhance the level of the Russian public health up to world standards. The existing strategy of business development of this company in Russia is a long-term one and it is planned up to 2025.