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Visit of  Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Vladimir State University

On May 11, 2010 Dr. Mustafa Faed, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Russian Federation, made an official visit to Vladimir State University. He was accompanied by Mr. Mohammed Al-Asaad, Head of International Relations Department of Palestine diaspora in Russia, and Mr. Maxim Al-Tori, Embassy employee of the State of Palestine to the Russian Federation.

The official visit to Vladimir began with the meeting of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Russian Federation and Rector of Vladimir State University with the Governor of the Vladimir region N. Vinogradov. During this meeting the problems of cooperation in economy, education and tourism were discussed. The opportunity of establishing partnership with one of the Palestine cities was also stipulated. After meeting with the Governor the guests visited functioning in the building of Regional administration the exhibition «Industrial Potential of Vladimir Region» and got acquainted with places of interest of the city centre.

Arrival of the Ambassador in Vladimir State University was marked by the ceremony of planting Tree of Peace and Friendship at the avenue in front of the Central Building of the University.

After that the meeting of the Ambassador with a University government took place. During this meeting Mr. Mustafa Faed thanked the Vladimir State University for training specialists for the State of Palestine, taking care of students while studying at Vladimir State University. It is known that Vladimir State University has been training specialists from Arab countries since 1978. Palestinians have been studying at our University since 1989. For this time about 30 students have got diplomas of engineers, two students have left post-graduate course and applied the acquired at Vladimir State University knowledge in their home countries. One of them Kavasma Ramzi works as professor at Biomedical Engineering Department of Palestine Technical University in Hebron, he maintains contact with Biomedical Engineering Department  of Vladimir State University, Head of  department Dr. L. Sushkova. 

A. Sinyavsky, Chairman of Vladimir branch of Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society was present at the meeting with Rector of Vladimir State University V. Morozov. In his speech of welvome Sinyavsky called upon consolidating efforts of all countries and communities to strengthen peace (of the world) and prosperity of people of Russia and Palestine.

The exhibition, devoted to the 50th anniversary of struggle of the Palestinian people for their rights, was of great interest. It was arranged in the Central Building of the University and represented numerous exhibits: photographs, antiwar placards (posters), woman’s and man's national costumes, articles of cultural heritage of the Palestine people. The aim of the exhibition was awakening the young people interest to culture, art and history of Palestine, getting to know to realia of its modern life.

Throughout visit the meeting of delegation of Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Russian Federation with students from the Arabian countries on which frank confidential conversation on essential problems of students’ life took place.

Undoubtedly, such contacts enable to strengthen peace and planted svelte leafy maple is a vivid evidence of friendship and mutual understanding.